For the Love of Dogs


I love writing for Dogster, both the website and the magazine. Here are just a few articles I’ve written for Dogster:

Let’s Talk Dog Cloning — Would You Ever Clone Your Dog?

What once seemed sci-fi fantasy is now a reality. See where scientists are at with dog cloning today — and exactly how to clone your dog.

Why You Should Consider Fostering an Adoptable Dog During the Holidays

Temporary fostering can brighten the holidays for both homeless pets and you!

So You Think You Want a Puppy?

We all love puppies, but when it comes to the reality of living with one, do your research to find the best fit.

Photo Copyright Tina Quatroni
Photo Copyright Tina Quatroni

Tina Quatroni’s Love of Dogs Shines Through in Her Artistic Portraits

The photographer donates her time with PawSafe Animal Rescue, photographing dogs before and after adoption.


The Whistle GPS Pet Tracker

Are You Looking for a Dog Activity Tracker? We Have a Buying Guide!

We researched the top dog activity monitors on the market, noting everything from cost and monthly fees to GPS and wireless specs.

Look for These 6 Dangers to Dogs in Your New Home and Yard

From toxic landscaping to left-behind poisons, be sure to clear your new home and yard of these items that are dangerous to dogs.

Go Back to School With Your Dog!

Think of it as continuing education for canines — from training to become a therapy dog to learning a fun sport like dock diving or competitive herding.

5 Wet and Wild Summer Games for Your Dog

What’s the best way to stay cool this summer? Grab your dog, and just add water.

Copyright Meghan Lawson
Copyright Meghan Lawson

Meghan Lawson Combines Her Two Passions: Rescue and Photography

The professional photographer and animal welfare advocate uses her artistic talents to help dogs in Washington find homes.

How to Hold a Pet Food Drive for a Rescue or Shelter

Rescues and shelters always need food for their dogs and cats. Here’s how you can help.

Would You Donate Your Dog’s Body to a Vet Education Program?

Cremation or a burial isn’t the only option when your dog passes. Find out how you could donate your dog’s body and potentially save canine lives.



I Groom My Own Dog — and I Even Get Compliments!

With DIY grooming, I spend more bonding time with my Poodle, Jäger, and save money.

7 Ways to Stay Bonded With Your Dog After You Have a Baby

With just a little effort, it’s possible to find balance between caring for your “first baby” and your new human baby.



We Chat With “Reporting for Duty” Author About Veterans and Their Service Dogs

Tracy Libby’s new book chronicles how service dogs have improved the lives of veterans, including Irwin Stovroff, a 93-year-old WWII vet.


We Chat With Photographer Lori Fusaro About Her Book “My Old Dog”

Los Angeles photographer Lori Fusaro has always had a soft spot for animals. In addition to being staff photographer for Best Friends Animal Society and owner of Fusaro Photography, she volunteers her time taking pictures of shelter and rescue dogs.

Achoo! What You Need to Know About Dog Flu

If you’re like me, you spend the winter obsessively washing your hands and avoiding anyone with the slightest sniffle. The human flu season winds down come spring, but dog flu can spread year round.

The Humane Alliance Is Spaying It Forward

Humane Alliance has perfected the process of providing high-quality, high-volume, low-cost spay/neuter services, and it mentors other groups as well.

Western Canada Bans Ear Cropping

British Columbia joins a handful of countries (but not the U.S.) in banning the controversial procedure.

2 thoughts on “For the Love of Dogs

  1. My husband brought home dogs for for the first time because it had a story of veterans and PTSD dogs I have PTSD dogs I did not fight a war abroad I have fought a war at home after my Green Beret son was killed in 2007 in 2013 we bought and imported German Shepherd who became my first service dog the love of my life I too struggled with depression anxiety suicide. She died one and a half years ago she was almost 9 when we bought her I have her son and granddaughter they are both PTSD dogs and medical alert dogs we’re planning to buy another import female that is titled to become my third service dog each dogworks differently and for me, three or four dogs make a whole team. thank you for your article and taking your time to sit down with bats and learn how wonderful these dogs are and that pills are not always the answer it’s been 9 years since my son was killed I would have never survived without the dogs


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