Lucky Puppy

As the Editor-at-Large for Lucky Puppy magazine, I was able to help educate and entertain people who choose to rescue a pup (or kitty!) for all the same reasons we choose to think mindfully, eat healthy, and live green. It’s about giving back, and how a generous spirit can inform everyday choices — including the pet we bring home as part of our family.

Here are just a few of the heart-warming stories I wrote for Lucky Puppy:


Tilly Transforms From a Sick Puppy Into a Beloved Best Friend

When Project Buddy Dog Rescue took in Tilly, she had severe skin and ear issues. Now the healthy Pit Bull has a forev…


Photo copyright Pet Pawtography

Bald No More, Oracle Enjoys Life With Her Forever Family

Montgomery Humane Society and Cheyenne Edwards helped the terrier mix heal from demodectic mange and begin her new life.

Photo copyright Petcha Photography/Tina Quatroni
Photo copyright Petcha Photography/Tina Quatroni

Great Dane Pups Quigly and Quilla Survive to Find Their Forever Homes

These strong little pups recovered from a sickness that took their littermates. Now Quigly and Quilla now have new homes and new names.

Photo copyright Shelter Me Photography/Nanette Martin

A Magical Photo Helps a Family See Beyond a Dog’s Deformity and Into His Heart

Zulu the Pit Bull is so much more than his deformed leg, as a portrait by Nanette Martin shows.

Photo copyright Seth Castell/One Picture Saves a Life

The Key to Pet Adoption? We’ll Give You a Hint: Smile and Say Cheese

Seth Casteel, Jackson Galaxy and Jorge Bendersky get behind the lens of pet adoption.


Photo copyright Sarah O’Neill Photography

Samantha Loses an Eye But Gains a Loving Family

Samantha was in pain before photographer Sarah O’Neill and Sit With Me Shelter Dog Rescue changed her life for the better.


Photo copyright Petcha Photography/Tina Quatroni
Photo copyright Petcha Photography/Tina Quatroni

Oscar the Stray Gets Healthy in Pug Paradise

Thanks to a new life on a farm for rescue Pugs, the sweet senior no longer has the frequent seizures rescuers believe were the result of previous abuse.

A Hairless, Spunky Puppy Gets a New Life and a New Name

Ditto the German Shepherd overcame skin infections and kennel cough before becoming Miah in her new home.

Puppy Survives Storm and Gets Sent to Prison

Found in a storm drain, the Boxer-Lab pup now known as Bear graduated with honors from a prison training program and found his forever home.

Paisley the Pit Bull Is a Mangy Puppy No More!

Austin Pets Alive! helped the sweet puppy heal from severe manage and find her forever home.



Phoenix the Pit Bull Is Reborn

This sweet Pit Bull has a new life thanks to a Good Samaritan and the SPCA of Texas.

Photo copyright Fiona Green Photography

Baxter the Beagle Catches a Photographer’s Eye and Gets a New Life

Shelter workers thought Baxter had sarcoptic mange, which made his chances for adoption poor. Photographer Fiona Green saw beyond his patchy coat.

HowardAfter-62642a16-800x500Shelter Dog Makeover Contest Winners

Wahl and show how simple grooming can reveal a hidden gem.


Nacho the Pit Bull Is a 100-Pound Love Bug Who Wants His Forever Family

He was found with severe injuries and chained to a fence. Despite his history, Nacho holds no grudges and absolutely loves people.



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