5 Wet and Wild Summer Games for Your Dog

This article originally appeared in the August/September 2016 issue of Dogster magazine:

By Jackie Brown

What can you and your dog do when it’s blazing outside? It’s tempting to draw the shades and hunker down inside with the air-conditioning blasting, but it’s more fun to take advantage of the hot summer days instead. Get out there, and try one of these fun ways to beat the heat.

1. Water fetch

There are two ways to play this game: floating fetch or sinking fetch. Try both ways to see which one your dog thinks is the most fun. Every so often, dive in with him so you can cool off, too!

Big pool version: Toss floating toys in the deep end and sinking toys in shallow water. Start off with one at a time, then try multiple toys to see how many your dog can collect.

Kiddie pool version: Stand a distance away from the pool, holding your dog’s collar. Toss a toy into the pool, then release your dog to run and jump into the pool. Or, set up two kiddie pools (one on each side of the yard), and stand in the middle with a pile of toys. Toss toys into both pools so your dog runs back and forth between them.

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