How to Hold a Pet Food Drive for a Rescue or Shelter

This article originally appeared in the Winter 2016 issue of Lucky Puppy magazine:

By Jackie Brown

If there’s one thing all animal shelters and rescue groups need it’s pet food — a lot of pet food! In fact, food is one of the largest operational costs incurred by shelters and rescues. Help a local group by organizing a pet food drive among your family, friends, and neighbors. It’s an easy way to do your part to help animals in need.

First, choose a local organization to help. Some shelters or rescue groups list their preferred foods on their websites. Some may feed only one or a few select brands of food in order to avoid stomach upset that could occur by feeding many different types of food. Other groups will take anything you might have. Organizations might need cat food, dog food, and possibly food for small animals like rabbits, hamsters, and birds. If you don’t see any information listed on the website, call or stop by to ask if they have any preferences. Most groups also welcome pet treats.

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