Cats Health

Catster magazine

I love writing for Catster magazine and website. Here are just a few of the articles I’ve written about our fluffy feline friends:

Can Cats See in the Dark? The Answer to That and Other Cat Vision Questions

Can cats see in the dark? And can cats see color? We go through some of your most pressing cat vision questions!

Let’s Discuss Cat Dementia — Is Your Cat at Risk?

Cats get dementia, too. So, what are the signs of cat dementia and what do you do if your cat has it? Can you prevent dementia in cats before it happens?

Cat Panting — Why Does It Happen and Should You Be Concerned?

Cats don’t pant the way dogs do — so is cat panting ever normal? We review a few things that cause cat panting and when you should get it checked out.

Cat Drooling — Should You See the Vet?

Cat drooling is rarer for cats than it is for dogs. Here’s what’s going on when a cat drools — including when to head to the vet.

What You Need to Know About Cat Flu

Can cats get the flu? According to recent data canine influenza can, in fact, cause cat flu. Here’s what you need to know.

How to Satisfy Cat Hunting Instincts Appropriately

Cat hunting instincts are something that kitty parents can’t ignore. So, how do you engage your cat’s urge to hunt? And why are some cats better hunters?

Cat Yowling — What Does This Strange Sound Mean?

Cat yowling is among the strangest — and most alarming — cat sounds out there. What does it mean when your cat yowls?

Is Free Feeding Cats the Best Way to Feed Your Cat?

Free feeding cats is convenient, but is it healthy for your kitty and right for every cat? How can you schedule your cat’s meals if you work away from home?

All About Cat Diets — How and Why to Put Your Cat on a Diet Safely

Cat diets don’t have to be so complicated — we’ve put together a few tips to help your cat get healthy safely and effectively.

Cat Hates Catnip? Try This Instead!

What do you do if your cat hates catnip? Good news — there are a few other plants that might evoke similar reactions.

What Exactly Is Osteochondrodysplasia in Cats?

Famous (and very cute!) felines like Grumpy Cat and Lil BUB have osteochondrodysplasia. So what exactly is it, and what health conditions does it cause?

Let’s Discuss Cataracts in Cats

We answer your questions about cataracts in cats — from cataract surgery to blindness and everything else you want to know.

What Is Cat Dermatitis and What Can You Do About It?

Is your cat itching or obsessively grooming? Do you see scabs on your cat? Find out about three different types of cat dermatitis and how to handle each.

Stud Tail in Cats: What to Know and What to Do About It

What is stud tail in cats? Is stud tail only limited to male cats? And how do you diagnose and treat it?

Cat Scooting — Why It Happens and What to Do

Is your cat scooting, or dragging his bum around on the floor? What causes this strange behavior and how should you treat it?

Cat Eye Discharge — What’s Normal and What’s Not

Cat eye discharge can be completely normal or something to bring to your vet’s attention ASAP. Here’s how to determine what’s worrying and what’s not.

Would You Donate Your Cat’s Body to a Vet Education Program?

Cremation or a burial isn’t the only option when your cat passes. Find out how you could donate your cat’s body and potentially save feline lives.



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