Veterinary Writing

I write for two B2B veterinary industry magazines: Veterinary Practice News and Today’s Veterinary Business. Here are just a few articles I’ve written for a veterinary audience:

Immunotherapy: The Next Best Hope for Defeating Cancer?

Whether you’re treating something as deadly as cancer or as frustrating as chronic allergies, immunotherapy offers the possibility of slowing or reversing disease.

Recent Discoveries Advance Diagnostics, Understanding of CKD

“The discovery and evaluation of biomarkers should hopefully improve our diagnostic capabilities and ultimately management and quality and quantity of life for our patients.”

New Ways to Think About Pet Pain

The way the veterinary profession has evolved their thinking about pet pain has led to new treatment options and drugs.

The Latest in Veterinary Ophthalmology Research

Experts believe that the future of ophthalmology will bring better care and prognoses.

The Immunity Challenge: Vaccines and Pets

Back in the day, dog and cat vaccines were cut and dry, and all pets were vaccinated annually, except perhaps for very old or sick animals. Today, the subject is much more fluid, as more information comes to light regarding duration of immunity, potential negative outcomes from vaccinating too often and adverse vaccine events.

The Latest in Digital X-ray Technology

Next-generation X-ray systems offer useful features and friendly prices for all types of veterinary practices.

A Look at Veterinary Lasers

How surgical lasers have revolutionized minor and complex veterinary surgery.

Will Thermal Imaging Gain Greater Traction in Veterinary Practice?

It struggles as a diagnostic tool in-clinic, but many believe in its potential.

Disinfection Protocols: A Clean Start

Clinic disinfection is vital to prevent the spread of infectious disease.

Recoup Veterinary Med Revenue

Keep more profit in-clinic through a personalized online pharmacy, controlling inventory, and working with a trusted compounding source.

Why Wellness Plans Are Great for Your Vet Practice

Wellness plans help clinics provide top-notch preventive care for patients while boosting client loyalty and satisfaction.

At-Home Dental Compliance Strategies

Get your clients to brush their pets’ teeth at home with these tips.

How to Use Dog Collar Monitors in Your Vet Practice

Collar monitors help veterinarians look after patients’ health inside and away from the hospital.

The Future of Pet Cloning

Pet cloning gives clients an opportunity to recapture the past, though ethical concerns linger.

How NSAIDs Deliver Big Rewards, but Also Some Risk

And why you need to make it a point to explain how NSAIDs work with your clients.

How to Find a Good Relief Vet

Start early when looking for a fill-in doctor, and think about contracting with a headhunter.